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Affordable small amp sound management for stuido or stage! 

Coming Soon! The Tone Transfer Plate!

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Dead quiet signal tone transfer management using fully insulated Cliff jacks and ground lift switch to control group loop hum noise.  Includes 5' adapter cable to tap 2 to 16 Ohm speaker output terminals.

Built specifically for old tube amplifiers under 20 watts, amps that do not have a line or speaker out jacks built into the circuit.   Although the "Tone Transfer Module" will work with those type amp outputs also, its use is not limited to the need for such output taps required for use with conventional DI and/or Direct Boxes.

It is a known fact that some  of the juiciest and bluesy mojo tones come from simple small low wattage antique vintage tube amplifiers; however, as fun as they are to play, they are equally impractical for stage band gigs/jams due to their inherent low wattage  low volume output design.

Now you can turn your little low watt amp into a giant slayer!  Makes all small tube amps volume gig worthy!

Passive variable strength output transformer allows the transfer of your amplifiers actual speaker tone (as it sounds to your audience) to any balanced or unbalance device input.  With the provided five foot connection adaptor, you can now tap any small tube amp speaker and send signal out to a larger amplifiers input channel making it a slave to your small amp, or send your amps tone over to PA inputs, mixing boards and recording consoles, without disabling the amps internal speaker.

Handmade in San Pedro, Los Angeles

$92.46 plus $7.50 Shipping to the lower 48 states (includes 5" speaker adaptor cable and full instructions) Please contact us for international shipping rates

Vintage47 Instrument to Preamp Tube Signal Boosting Pedal                   Now with a 9VAc power Adapter jack. 

"Hello David
the boost pedal arrived today.....and, IT BLEW MY MIND!!! I am running it through this early 50's era Magnatone 'Student' model amp...8 watts maybe w/its original 8" Jensen...I have always really liked the tone it puts out...but, as I wrote you before, its VERY hard to get an overdriven sound from it....I plugged your pedal in.....there it is....the amp came through loud and coloring of its truly vintage tone.. as you described...but, now I can run it with some grit & edgeyness..!! OUTSTANDING!!"

Vintage47 Instrument to Peamp Tube Signal Boosting Pedal. Adjustable up to 38db of signal boost, quiet "almost invisible" low insertion loss.  Does not color your tone like sound shaping boost pedals.  Just like the pros, comp the sweet spot with the pedal out, engage the pedal to goose your lead riffs into even sweeter distortion. Point to point hand wired right here in the USA by Vintage47amps.  Long life 9v battery included. 

Also an afforable cure for weak and low output instrument pickups on any instrument or harp microphone and much more affordable than buying new, hotter pickups. Great for signal recover at the end of a long pedal effects string or long cable run after signal degradation, recovers more than the actual loss.

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$65.00 and free shipping to the lower 48 states