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Something different for the discerning guitar and/or harp player. Dedicated to the preservation of the Valco circa 1947 octal tube tone amplifier designs, old Chicago blues and authentic mojo style!

You'll love the unique Vintage47amps 'Classic 47 Series' Valco Supro Style Reproduction cabinet choices and I guarantee you won't find a more period correct Valco style amplifier replication anywhere!

Here at Vintage47, I build  complete Valco Supreme style (12 Watt Octal Push Pull),  Spectator style (5 Watt Octal Single Ended) and now building the 1942 Oahu 12 watt limited edition "Chicago Blues Tone Twelve" and "Chicago Blues Tone Triple".  All my plug and play amplifier combos are available in several different Valco classic cabinet styles.

I invite you to check out my website site and hope you find my unique Classic 47 Series Valco reproductions inspirational! Please email for price quotes and order information.               * ALL HAND MADE IN THE USA !



Leo Fender & Les Paul knew the difference - do you? Test your vintage amp IQ. 

The following can all be found in the mix above: Valco, Supro, National, Rickenbacher, Gretsch, Fender, Bronson, Gibson.

All but three are pre- 1950, but which ones came after 1950?


If you are looking for those 60's "Jimmy Page" Supro Amp Tones or a solid Supro reissue guitar please check out Bruce Zinky's Supro USA website. Mr. Zinky owns all the the rights to the Supro trademark and builds killer Supro Amps! Be sure to let Bruce know you found his link at Vintage47amps.  CLICK HERE!  

Vintage47amps 1942 Oahu Style Deluxe Cabinet Loaded with Lights and Polished Decco Metal Rod Trim Rails! All five end shelves light up red when powered up backligthing the trim rails.   ( Functional Collectable Amplifier Art )

"EL CAPITAN" VINTAGE47 CHICAGO BLUES TONE TWELVE  12 Watt (24 watt model discontinued, 12 watt only on these) Push Pull Valco Supreme/Gretsch Style Circuit, 12" Alnico Hempconed by Tone Tubby.    All Octal Tube Blues Tone to the Bone!!       


Click here to listen to this amplifier with guitar on youtube           or        Click here to listen to Harmonica sound samplessamples


National Pre-War Amp! 12 watts and fun to play!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH2cyuR8Ucs


National "Tremotone" Amp! This beautiful 12 watt amp comes with lots of extras!!!


Find out more about the Vintage47 National Amps here!


Listen to how it sounds here!


Vintage47 1955 "Western Tonemaster" Guitar/Harp Amplifier replication!

Get the details here!

(Below Top Row) --  Tweed Pinstriped Comet Style 5 watt 10" spkr. -- Bronson Style 12 watt Supreme 10" spkr. -- Supro Spectator Style 5 Watt 10" spkr.  (Middle Row) -- Lapsteel/Dobro Resonator Style 12 watt Supreme 10" spkr. -- Black Ric Style 12 watt 12" spkr. -- National Two Tone Style 12 watt 10" spkr.  (Bottom) -- Oahu Tweed suitcase Style 8" spkr . -- See Details under 'Cabinets' link 

If you are doubt low watt vintage amps are serious LISTEN TO THIS GUITAR AND HARP SAMPLE

Guitar Player Magazine Video Link ***** Video on GP 2010 Winter NAMM Gear Forum post;  'David Barnes on Vintage47amps'. This is an excellent Valco amplifier history in review discussion showing details of Vint47 amplifiers and the our new Vint47 Alnico speakers.

(above) Oahu Suitcase and (below) "Chicago Blues Tone Triple".

Both of these are killer old school 1940's Blues harp and guitar combos! Sound samples are of Oahu Suitecase. The 'Chicago Blues Tone Triple' is the same dark thick smokey tone as Suitcase but much louder and can be varied to your personal taste with Vintage47 'Roll You Own Tone' features.

Clean and OD guitar sound sample here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tEzGF_wUYE0

Blues Harp sound sample here http://www.youtube.com/user/takee51?blend=23&ob=5#p/a/u/2/kOqADSaJS7s

Another Harp sample here http://www.youtube.com/user/takee51?blend=23&ob=5#p/u/3/3ldYO7WgMyE

 Guitar sound samples on "Sound Links" page, Harp samples go to our Youtube post using link below.


 Warning! Vacuum tubes, transformers, capacitors, amplification circuits and other products listed in this catalog operate at high voltages that can cause permanent injury, disability or death. Vacuum tubes operate at high temperatures that can cause severe burns. Never attempt to repair, construct, alter, test, work on or touch electronic equipment unless you are trained or otherwise qualified to do so. Likewise, never remove a protective cover from electronic equipment unless you are trained or otherwise qualified to do so.


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1947 Caddy Gigmobile Deluxe