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The VA-185G

The Vintage 47 take on Gibson's classic EH185.  A guitar amp with more headroom well suited for the jazz player, or anyone looking for smother overdrive in their amp.

The EH-185 was made famous in the late 30's and early 40's by guitar greats such as Django Reinhardt and Charlie Christian. A new and unique addition to the Vintage 47 lineup.


* 15 watt class AB push pull circuit.

* Cathode biased - No biasing required!

* GZ34 rectifier, 6SN7 inverter, 6SQ7 NOS metal jacketed preamp and 2 - 6L6GT power tubes.

* 12" Weber Vintage Series Alnico speaker.

* Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.

* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.

* Point to point hand wired circuit.

* 15.5" wide, 18.5" tall, 8" deep weighing in at 28 Lbs.


Price $995.00 plus $50.00 shipping to the lower 48 states, $100.00 to Canada, $125.00 to the UK and Europe, And $175.00 to Austrailia.


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Check out this video of Jonathan Stout comparing the VA-185G to an original Gibson EH-185

US lower 48 states 110V version

Canada 110V version

UK 240V version

Europe 240V version

Austrailia 240V version

Now Available in 240V!

GIibson Inspired Amp

The secret to the VA-185G's great tone is it's low gain preamp. Many harp amps rely on a low gain preamp stage to help control feedback and tone that has made this amp a natural for the harp player.

Add a Canvas Cover only $45.00