The Spectator

The iconic inverted "V" made famous by Valco and badged under contract with the Supro label from 1951 through 1955. 7 class A watts set into a  mid mount chassis and partial back panel through a Ted Weber 10 inch alnico speaker.

The Spectator features that pure, fat Valco tone. Great for the harp or guitarist looking for a low powered amp with alot of punch. We have added our presence / boost switch to get a fuller sound at lower volume and extra volume and drive when you crank it.


* 7 class A watts featuring 6SL7 pre, 5881 power and 5Y3GT rectifier.

* NEW! Presence / Boost switch for added thickness at lower settings and more volume and drive when turned up.

* Interactive volume and tone controls - Helps control feedback and gain.

* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet.

* Point to point hand wired circuit.

* Two tone inverted "V" tolex covered. Stock color is Burgandy side panels with white center. Other colors are available. Please contact us for selection and availability.

* 15.5" wide x 15" tall x 8" deep weighing in at 22 Lbs.


Price $745.00 Plus $47.50 shipping to the lower 48 states, $100 to Canada, $125 to the UK and Europe, and $195to Austrailia.



Now available in 240V!

UK 240V version

Canada 110V version

US lower 48 states 110V version

Austrailia 240V version

Europe 240V version

Listen to Mark Piper through his Spectator.

Add a Canvas Cover only $45.00