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The Comet Supreme


                    ONLY $795 WITH FREE SHIPPING! 

                                 Lower 48 States


The iconic Comet Supreme was the Valco flagship model. IMHO, one of the greatest blues amps ever made. The Vintage 47 version captures all the magic of the original, but with a fair amount more punch & volume. 


* 5Y3 rectifier, 6SQ7 preamp, 6SL7 phase inverter and a pair of JJ6V6  power tube to create 12 class AB watts.

* Interactive volume & tone controls - Control overdrive and feedback by balancing the tone and volume controls.

* Ted Weber 10" Signature series 20 watt alnico speaker.

* Brown Tolex covering.

* Finger Jointed baltic birch cabinet

* Point to point hand wired curcuit.


$795.00 plus free shipping to the lower 48 states. 

12 loud watts of octal valco goodness.