The Twin Spectator



The Twin Spectator. A pair of 6 v 9's & 7 class A watts can be a beautiful thing. Loud, full, fat with a good amount of clean for a class A, but with a flip of the boost switch, jumps into high gain distortion mode. Great for harp, also.



* 7 watt class A power

* Cathode biased - No biasing required!

* GZ34 rectifier, 6SL7preamp, and a 5881 power tube.

* A pair of our highly efficeint 6 x 9 alnico speakers.

* Interactive volume and tone controls for feedback and overdrive control.

* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet construction.

* Point to point hand wired circuit.

* 15" tall x 15.5" wide x 8" deep weighing in at 24 Lbs.




The Brown TOLEX  Triple

"CHICAGO BLUES TONE TRIPLE" Killer old school Valco tones for both guitar and blues harp ! One 10" and two 8" Weber speakers, with switchable bias and boost settings this amp will go from stock Valco 1940's to early 50's tweed tones, fat thick smokey notes to over the top old school overdrive ! You can set it up for Fat Honking Harp,   or for Guitar, or roll it somewhere between the two. The 3 speaker set up pushes alot of air, so this amp is much louder than the 10 watt rating would appear to be.  Big sound in incredibly versatile amp. Now with twin 6V6S power tubes! Same great sound, just lots more of it!


* 5U4 rectifier, 6SL7 preamp and 2 - 6V6S power tube to create 10 class A watts.

* Interactive volume & tone controls - Control overdrive and feedback by balancing the tone and volume controls.

* Presence / Boost switch. Fattens your tone and adds big volume & drive when turned up.


* Switchable bias control - Cool it down for more headroom or heat it up for overdrive.

* Brown Tolex Finish.

* Finger Jointed baltic birch cabinet

* Point to point hand wired curcuit.


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