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The National


                    ONLY $695 WITH FREE SHIPPING! 

                                 Lower 48 States


This is our classic Valco 510-11 circuit designed to look, feel and sound as the classic Nationals of the early 50's. The Vintage 47 version captures all the magic of the original, but with a fair amount more punch & volume. 


* 5Y3 rectifier, 6SQ7 preamp, 6SL7 phase inverter and a pair of JJ6V6  power tube to create 12 class AB watts.

* Interactive volume & tone controls - Control overdrive and feedback by balancing the tone and volume controls.

* Ted Weber 10" Signature series 20 watt alnico speaker.

* Boost switch for extra gain when desired. 

* Cream Tolex covering with black beading.

* Finger Jointed baltic birch cabinet

* Point to point hand wired curcuit.



5 Class A watts with the clasic Valco circuit.