The Green Spectator




The Spectator

The Spectator features that pure, fat Valco tone. Great for the harp or guitarist looking for a low powered amp with a lot of punch. We have added our presence / boost switch to get a fuller sound at lower volume and extra volume and drive when you crank it.
7 Class A watts set into a mid mount chassis and partial back panel. Equiped with a 10" Ted Weber Signature speaker. 
* 7 class A watts featuring 6SL7 pre, 5881 power and 5Y3GT rectifier.
* Presence / Boost switch for added thickness at lower settings and more volume and drive when turned up.
* Interactive volume and tone controls - Helps control feedback and gain.
* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet.
* Point to point hand wired circuit.
* Aged tweed, hand pinstriped with side beading for that classic Comet look.