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The Super Mini



Dual 6V6S power tubes generating 10 Class A watts.

Same great Mini, just more of it!


Don't let the small size fool you. This little thing is a tone monster. 10 class A watts of fat Valco sound through our own design 6" x 9" speaker is a great practice / recording amp and more that can take you where ever you need to go. Covered in our aged laquered tweed with pin striping for that vintage look and feel. Equally at home with guitar as well as harp in a super portable package. The extra wattage also gives you more clean headroom volume.
This amp has both our Boost  / Presence switch as well as a switchable normal / hot bias for a bit more head room when needed.

* 10 class A watts featuring 6SL7 pre, 2 - 6V6GT power and 5Y3GT rectifier.
* Only 13.5" high, 12.5" wide and 7.5" deep, weighing in at sub 20 Lbs.
* Interactive volume and tone controls - Helps control feedback and gain.
* Boost / Presence switch. Adds presence at lower volume and LOTS of volume and gain when cranked.

* Switchable normal / hot bias switch gives more clean headroom.
* Finger jointed baltic birch cabinet.
* Point to point hand wired circuit.

Price $725.00 Plus $40.00 shipping to the lower 48 states





Old Stock Find!   Comet Supreme and a National McKinney

We found this Comet and McKinney boxed up in the back of the shop. We broke them out, puged them in, and they sounded great. We ran them through all the tests, & it's ready to go at a great price.

* 12 watts class AB push/pull circuit.

* A 5Y3 rectifier, 2 - 6V6 power tubes, a NOS metal jacket 6SQ7, and a 6SL7 phase inverter.

*The Comet is pinstriped aged tweed with ostrage end caps.

*The National McKinney has a cream tolex front with forrest green end caps.

*10" Ted Weber Signature speaker.

These are great blues / rock amp with early breakup and that fat octal tube sound. The last of these 2 iconic amps made.


Only $825 with free shipping to the lower 48 states.


Comet Supreme

National McKinney

Add a canvas cover only $45.00

Add a Clean Boost pedal only $55.00