Our V47 DB. Fillmore Tube Reverb and VanAmps Solemate V47 Reverb Units


I am enjoying your Fillmore reverb a lot! I conducted some A-B testing tonight through my Deluxe and it was quite noticeable. At identical settings, I felt the Fillmore was indeed more "warm" as you described. I also felt it was actually more natural sounding, less treble with more depth than the Fender. Even cranked up to 10 (which I don't do), the DB held together better. Of course, I really dig Fender, but this is a very cool addition!  Thanks"

Vintage47 "DB Fillmore" Tube Reverb (Vacuum tube tone tonic for the soul) Email to request next limited availability

Loosely based on the 1966 Premier 90 Reverb design and inspired by Bill Grahams original Fillmore  Auditorium sound.  I started with the basic P-90 circuit, added a 5Y3 tube rectifier in place of the diode rectified original power supply, upgraded the now obsolete tubes  to current reissue readily available JJ-5Y3, JJ-6V6 and 6SL7 then made the fix modifications that we techs do on the originals Premier –90’s. Finally a natural room reverb with none of that cave/pipe echo surf vibe!

15 1/2” W x 9 1/2” H x 8” D and weighs  14.8  pounds

D.B. Fillmore Reverb  - Available in five colors PLUS Tweed     $488 plus $40 Shipping to the lower 48 states. Please contact us for international rates.




Emerald Green


Cocoa Brown


Navy Blue


Burgundy Red